Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 1.....DONE!

Total Motivation.....
Day one is finally coming to a close, and all I can say is WOW! As posted earlier today, I had my one cup of coffee. And I stuck to it, so that is definitely milestone #1 for me. The rest of the day, I drank my water. 2L to be exact....GO ME!!  I did add a little Mio to is....can anyone tell me if this is ok?

My mistake today (hey, i'm ok with making mistakes!) was not taking a lunch. I took care of that mistake already....lunch is packed and ready for tomorrow! (fresh cherry tomatos straight from the garden, apple, peach, and string cheese...yummmm).

So, the clean food has not been bought yet due to my lack of funds and little time to run to the grocery store today. When I got home from work, I was starving. Already cooked was green beans and hamburgers with a side salad. I really had to think about this one. The burger, which might I add looked so freakin' delicious, was just covered with grease. The green beans looked good and healthy (although they were canned) and the side salad was perfect with my low-cal italian dressing. Unfortunately, my stomach gave in and ate the burger. I really didnt want to..but honestly, if I didn't eat it...I would have had no other alternative at least for tonight. (still taking baby steps!) As delicous as it was to consume, I knew, and I could feel that I shouldnt have put it in my body. When I was done eating, I still felt a little hungry, but I curbed that thought (and I call it a thought because i KNOW it is only in my head!) with a nice tall glass of water.

After dinner was done, and catching up with Cody and Karen for awhile, I knew it was almost work out time! (side note - I definitely need to get more sleep! I went to bed so late, and I knew I would be tired today!) As I walked back to our house, the thoughts started. Well, I am tired, maybe I'll just work out tomorrow? Ugh, my neck hurts pretty bad..maybe I'll skip tonight. Then I stopped. Literally stopped in my tracks. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!  If I don't work out tonight, I am only setting myself up for failure tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. What I do today, will always improve the rest of my tomorrow's!!!

 I finally got in the house, changed, put my tennis shoes on and checked facebook (guilty pleasure. ugh). I was waiting for Karen to come to the house (she's my workout buddy!). I knew it was going to be about 20 minutes. I layed down and ended up falling asleep. Let me tell you...that 20 minute power nap did WONDERS to my mood. I was up and ready to go!!!

My Workout: Since this is all pretty new to me..and I didn't know where to begin, I took a friends advice. Start trying different things. Laugh when it doesnt work, and work harder when it does. My workout was a total mess today!! I first started with stretching, which is something I learned very early on to do before even starting any type of workout. After that, i hopped on the ab lounge for about 10 minutes (thats when  started to really feel the burn). Next, total gym....and by total gym yes i mean the one with Chuck Norris in its commerial! Instead of faceing forward and pulling, I sat on my side and pulled across my upper body. I could definitely feel that! After about 10 reps X2 on each side, I was bored and moved on. Then came some jumping jacks (50) and then I did this one move I knew from field hockey where you jumped up then came down, got into pushup position, legs in, jump up, repeat. That was kind of intense. I did 10 of those in a row and had to take a break. It was on to the next! I then played some Wii Dance. Definitely had my heart racing! Lastly, took a little jog on the farm. It wasnt far, but it had my heart pumping and the sweat a flowin!

After my workout I felt GREAT! The sweat was pouring off of me, and I finally felt good. I know I didnt do much today, but I also know that this is a HUGE milestone for me. I finished the day ON TOP! (in my book, anyway!) I felt that I was good with the drinking water, semi-ok with the eating and then the workout was just the highlight. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

Before I started writing this post, I was down at Karen's.  We both had a little bit of telepathy going on! We looked at each other and pretty much said the same words..."I'm hungry". To fix that, we had a small salad with tomatos, low-cal dressing and a little tiny bit of ham.

For some, my day might look pathetic. For some, my day might have looked easy. But for ME, my day was the first day of my lifestyle change. It was challenging! I am so happy to sit here and post that I DID IT! And I promise, this is the last "Day 1" I will ever have again :)


  1. Great job bestie! keep up the good work!! im sure even by Saturday when i see you that i will see a difference. Everything you do will make you one step closer to your goal! you take a day step back! YOU GOT THIS!!

  2. Great job! It doesn't matter how it looks to anyone, except for you, because this is about YOU. About the breakfast - the only way I could ever eat breakfast was if I packed it to take with me to work. Either in the car, or at work, but I could never eat first thing in the morning. Maybe you could pack a breakfast AND lunch to take? A yogurt or a cereal bar, or even just some fruit?
    I definitely notice that I am hungry (like, famished) after I work out, and yogurt really seems to help me. Protein, I guess, so I'll do a string cheese or a yogurt or something after working out. Are you interested in starting jogging? If so, the Couch to 5 K is an awesome program, and I have a list of places you can download webcasts that are a playlist of music with a little voice over that says "walk at a moderate pace for x minutes" then comes back in and says, "your 60 seconds of running will start now..." and so on. It's pretty nice, because all the guess work is done for you. Let me know if you want the link for the webcasts - they're awesome (even if you're not really doing the c25k, it's nice to have already put together workout play lists that are motivating, plus they're free!).