Thursday, September 6, 2012

protien powder, creatine, thermogenic fat burner, OH MY!

This morning I was searching for some healthy supplements to possibly start taking. Now, for many that know me well, I am definitely working on a poor-girls budget. I found this site that had the 10 best supplements for weightloss. This list was ALSO directed towards women. I found the article to be very intersting but specific topic is one that I have no knowledge on. After reading, I found three of the ten supplements they suggested to catch my interest.

#1 Protien Powder- the article suggests Optimum 100% Natural Whey. This protien powder has no artificle sweetners.

#2 Creatine - the article suggests Kre-a-fem. This is a womens formula

#3 Thermogenic Fat Burner - Cellucor Super HD. Supposed to have low side effects.

This is where you come in! If you, or you know someone that may know a little more about this, please, please, please help me out! I don't want to start taking stuff that I shouldn't, or without proper knowledge on how to take it.

If you have any suggestions on any other supplements to take, the advice would be appreciated!

motivational thought for the day!


  1. What you're doing is awesome, Katie! You're taking a HUGE step and you seem to be on the right track!

    As far as supplements go--I've tried a few, and honestly, I think the best thing is just eating at the right time. This might sound kind of weird, but if you time your meals with your workouts properly, you don't really need any supplements. Eat the crap out of all the veggies you can, try to keep fruits to a minimum (about 2x a day) and eliminate added sugars. Green tea, lemon water, cayenne pepper, and coffee (minus flavored creamers) are great natural metabolism boosters. If you really can't do black coffee, skim milk and coconut sugar are great to add in...and/or cinnamon (also a fat burner). Try to eat some carbs or other kind of "power" food about a half hour-an hour before your workout (my favorite pre-workout or pre-race snack is natural peanut butter on a banana or on a piece of whole grain toast). Also, make sure you eat protein AFTER you work out (within an hour). This is when your body needs it most. You can do a protein shake (you can use whey or something like that, but I prefer to use non-fat plain greek yogurt and egg whites...I promise you can't taste them at all and it's a lot better for you!) or eat your big meal then. I know I always feel like I could eat an entire cow after I go for a run. If you do your workout early and don't want to eat your big meal right after, believe it or not chocolate milk is a great recovery drink. It has a nice balance of carbs, sugar, and protein.

    Sorry this was kind of long! I hope I helped some :)

  2. THanks Erin!! I will definitely take every thing you said into consideration! Its great to have so much support!!!!