Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reason to be fit #0091

To be honest, I have no idea where to begin. I've been pondering this very thought for quite some time, which is the reason that my weight has stayed the same. However, my theory begins with this blog.

I am THAT person that needs motivation, inspiration and encouragement from friends, family,the guy down the street, ANYONE! I will be the first one to admit I have no will power to accomplish anything dealing with my weight unless, however, I am pushed.

For example, back in the years 2004-2006 I played field hockey. (and I was definitely the most fit I have ever been in my life). Although field hockey was a choice and not a requirement, I had my teammates around me every day to push me to go further than I had ever been before. I accomplished a lot in those two year to get to where I was by the time I graduated high school. What happend, you might ask? Oh, just a 7 letter word.....COLLEGE. To be fair, I cannot simply blame college on why I gained the freshmen 15 and then some. I made poor choices when it came to food and became very lazy with working out. The reason? No motivation. I was on my own....without the ladies that pushed me so hard for the two years before college.

Six years later, I am defnitely not even close to where I was when I graduated high school or where I want to be with my weight.

I have tried diets that seem to work for a few weeks, but then I just gain the weight back. For myself it is not the food intake that I have a problem with....its the exercise and my total lack of will-power whatsoever.

So this is it. I am putting it all out there for everyone to see. I might not have many followers, but the very thought that this blog, my weight, and my pictures are out there for anyone in the world to see, to judge me without even knowing me (and I know EVERYONE does, even if it is just in their thoughts!) scares the living hell outta me. It gives me that little push that I, at least, need to help me start this journey.

I have been going back and forth with the idea of actually putting my weight on here. Yes I want to do it because I want to visually see the changes. No I dont want to do it becasue then everyone will actually KNOW my weight.  Truthfully, I am disgusted and ashamed at how much I weigh. The funny part about my actual weight is that when people guess my weight, they usually guess about 20 pounds lighter than I actually am. Now whether they are doing that to be nice, or they truthfully think that is the god-awful thought that I wonder myself. Maybe I will just post the weight on my fridge for now until I become more comfortable. At the end of the post today, I am posting a picture of myself now. Hopefully everytime I post a picture, there are some kind of results...even if it is just the slightest bit of change.

(hopefully!) Everyday I will post about my choices I have made towards MY weightloss journey, whether good OR bad. During this journey I not only hope to shed the pounds and become a more healthy and fit person, but I hope to grow mentally and spiritually as well.

Here's to a new beginning!

ME! - August 2012


  1. You know i will support you and love you no matter what! truthfully i think to kickstart your entire body to be able to process good whole foods and not bad foods i think everyone should start with a cleanse! i will get opinions and things for you from women and men who have tried certain things to help in your journey. People i have personally met or still see. I love you and I know you can do this!!!

  2. Thanks love!! It means a lot trust me!! A cleanse would be great but remember..im doing this on a poor girls budget!!! LMAO!

  3. Katie good luck and I know what you mean by needing motivation. 6 months ago I was going to the gym(which I still pay monthly for) but now I've lost the desire I plan on following your blog to hopefully get some needed motivation myself. That or if you want someone to talk to everyday or text back and forth with about choices or goals let me know because that would be great to try and see if it is helpful. Goo luck on your journey

  4. Thanks Jen!! I hope that my posts can motivate you as much as they can motivate me!! I appreciate it! :)

  5. Katie you have always been so happy and beautiful! I think this is awesome what you are doing and I wish you the best of luck! A cleanse is a really good idea too, I did one back in April. It is not easy, but it is worth it. After a week you will feel amazing, and you will be really motivated. I am rooting for you!! Good luck :)

  6. Thanks Alyssa! It means so much to know people have my back and especially those who have done this before! :)