Monday, September 17, 2012

Progress is Progress!!

Progress is progress!! Ok, so although I have yet to weigh myself or take measurements since I've started (waiting til my one week is up!), I totally feel better about myself!
I must say, I did pretty well this weekend. On Friday, my office had cake for my birthday. I think I was obligated to at least have one piece, so I opted for a very small piece. On my way home from work and once I got home, I felt SO sick! Terrible stomach ache. I honestly think I have putting so many GOOD things into my body, that it kind of went into shock with that piece of cake! Friday evening I had a nice clean dinner. Not bad for the start of the weekend.
Saturday was definitely my cheat day. I started out good! Had my shake in the morning and an apple. I had a lot to do on Saturday, so I tried my best to keep up with it. I had a fit n active yogurt for a snack closer to lunch time. For in between lunch and dinner, I did eat a hot pocket and fruit. Then dinner came and I definitely ate some unhealthy things! This weekend was Oktoberfest in Canonsburg. All I wanted was some perogies and halushki. I saw that sign and I was right to it! It is just too bad I didn't even enjoy it! Number one, the halushki was buttered noodles. It was gross. Perogies were OK, but definitely tasted like they were frozen out of a box. I drank light beer that night as well.
Sunday was pretty good. Had my shake in the morning, and half of a veggie sub for lunch. For dinner I cooked chipotle chicken and pasta salad ( I know, PASTA is CARBS) but the pasta salad had a lot of fresh veggies in it, so I felt pretty good about it!
Honestly, this weekend I really has felt like a success. My friend came to visit me this weekend and I haven't seen her since I started this CHANGE. She said she could see a difference in my sides. Probably the most motivational thing that was said this weekend had to be by my boyfriend. I think it is extra hard to see results when you see that person every day. So how was he motivational? Well, back in beginning of the summer, I went through a phase. Back in college, I had purchased a sweat belt to wear while i was working out (and I must say I'm pretty sure it works!) I found this early this summer and put it on. As embarrassing as it is, it sucked in my fat in my tummy area, so when I would wear certain clothes that I thought made myself look bad, I would throw on the sweat belt and wear it. Well I haven't worn it for quite awhile. As I was getting ready to head out both Friday and Saturday, I came out of the bathroom fully dressed and Cody said to me "Katie, why are you wearing that thing again??"  (referring to the sweat belt) I told him I wasn't, and he seriously didn't believe me. I actually had to lift up my shirt to show him I didn't have it on. He said I looked like I did have it on. That was HUGE for me. That "thing" I would use to make myself looks skinnier....I no longer have to because I look like I have it on, without it actually being on! This has pumped me up even more. Results are starting to show and I am so excited not just to weigh myself (I am not too concerned about that) but to measure myself. Even if it is just a half inch...I don't care. It is progress. More progress than someone sitting on the couch, at least! And I am damn PROUD!  :)
Until later, my friends :) 

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