Friday, September 14, 2012


Ok. This would be Day 3 of Herbalife. I woke up this morning, usual routine. Once I got to work I noticed something.....
First, I have to say that I dry all of my jeans. When I go to put them on, they are a little snug. By the end of the day they are usually stretched out so bad that it looks like I have no ass whatsoever. Today was different. I put the jeans on, a little snug as usual, and finished getting dressed. About 10:30 this morning while I was at work, I got up from my desk. As I was walking, it felt as though my pants were falling off of my hips. Then i stopped. Wait a jeans are loose. It's not time for that yet......that usually happens after I have been working all day.
Ok, so this MAY be in my head....because the scale sure hasn't proved anything but I am TELLING you, I know I've had to lose weight. My jeans never felt so baggy and big since I purchased them!!! As stupid as it might sound to some people, this was SERIOUSLY an epic moment for me. Then I started thinking. I don't SEE results, I FEEL results. I feel more energized ,and generally I feel better about myself! I HAD to share this epic moment with a friend, so I had texted her. And she replied...PERFECTLY
Inside out, huh? Yep, it's true. Now as far as my skin glowing, maybe I just don't notice it, but the energy I have is amazing. It feels good to FEEL results. The slight "bag" in my pants is all I need to keep me on track!
Ok, so tonight starts the weekend. The toughest days of the week for me and my new lifestyle. It is REALLY hard being around people that will just eat and booze all weekend, and not want to do it myself. Motivation, Katie!!!! Anyways, I probably won't be posting until Monday with updates on this weekend and how good my motivation is! But, I'll leave you all with one of those funny e-cards that I saw today. Made me laugh! (By the way, I don't count points, but sometimes this is my mentality!!!)

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