Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reason to be fit #0356

Now, THAT is a reason to be fit! Today's workout was even better than yesterdays! I'll get to that in a bit.

The day went really well today. For breakfast, I had an apple. For lunch I had string cheese and fresh tomatoes. It was delish! For a snack, I had a peach. For dinner, I had a small piece of steak, half of a baked potato, plain and side salad (with lo-cal Italian, OF course!) I was pretty happy with my food choices today, and I can honestly say, I havent felt the need to eat any more than what I actually had in front of me!

Going back to when I got up today. I know yesterday was my first day of my journey, but I woke up today and as I got dressed and did one final look in the mirror, i SWEAR I saw results. I know I didnt loose anything yet, but I think just from eating well and exercising the day before, in my head I could already see change. I felt like I was glowing!!

Tonights workout was many of the same things, and a few different. If any of you would have looked in my basement as I worked out tonight, you would have seen the normal routine on the total gym, jumping jacks, sit ups, etc. I did change it up a little though! I was thinking today while creating my workout playlist (which I have to say is AWESOME and really pumps me up!) I came across the "Wobble" song. For those of you that don't know what it is, look it up on youtube (Wobble by V.I.C.) It is a line dance that I learned a year or so ago. So this evening, after I already got warmed up, I put on the song and did it a total of 3 times. I'm sure I looked like a HUGE tard...but ya know what? It felt pretty damn good! I LOVE to dance, so this just was the highlight of tonight! My heart was pounding, and I was pouring sweat! After that, I had a try with the weight bench. Although the weights were pretty light, I was a little unstable and decided to wait until i have a spotter to do that. Better safe than sorry!

At the end of all that, Kasey came up and I asked him if he wanted to run to the barn and back with me. Well, he wanted a race. Challenge accepted! This gave me a little more of a boost, because instead of just jogging like last night, I was full on running! At the end of the race, I was breathing hard, but honestly, I felt wonderful!!! I felt like I really pushed myself past my limit tonight, and it felt great!!!!

As for the rest of the night, its time to cuddle up with my puppy, watch the VMA's and relax! I deserve it! Below is a picture that I took during my workout. I KNOW I don't look pretty AT ALL. but just like the picture says above...I earned EVERY DROP of SWEAT! :)

                                                             PROUD OF THIS SWEAT!

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