Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reason to be fit #0028

If this isn't true, then nothing in this world is. It is that very worried thought that you get after being somewhere that a camera was present. Did they get me at the right angle? Was I sucking my stomach in? Do I have a double chin? It all goes to show that I worry way to much about pictures I could be in that I personally didnt take. If I had 5 cents for everytime I deleted or retook a picture of myself because I look "fat", well, lets just say I would probably be a millionaire!

Ok, today is Day 1. I swear I was up all night last night searching and thinking about how I am going to do this. I came across what seemed to be some pretty great exercises, but I am not sure how to set this up. Do I do arms one day, legs another? How much cardio? Everyday? Mornings? After dinner? Night time?  Help meee!!!

Started my day with a cup of coffee. Added one individual sized pack of splenda and a tablespoon of powdered creamer. Since I am a beginner, I am not sure if I should even been drinking coffee. But I did take it upon myself to promise that I  will only have one cup of coffee in the morning from now on. (Trust me, without that one cup...I am a total mess!) After the coffee is gone....on to water it is!!!

I was told that I should be eating 3-5 meals a day. Problem number one right there. As easy as it sounds to be able to eat 3-5 times a day for me it is not! I never eat breakfast in the morning, and hardly ever eat lunch. I'll sometimes snack on something small during work (usually something loaded with carbs and fat)  until I get home. Day one and I already messed up!! Just steps...remember Katie?!!

Hopefully after some time I will feel better about mornings and actually be able to get my butt outta bed to make myself breakfast in the morning. All will come with time.

If you have any suggestions on how to set up my workout routine through the week, please let me know! Either message me on facebook or you can email me:

Until later!

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  1. Hey Katie!

    First of all its awesome that you are sharing your weight loss journey! Chad and I started ours a month ago. So far we have both lost about 10 pounds! Taking the initial step is the hardest part, so you are already on the right track. Chad and I do Turbo Fire and drink Shakeology (both are part of the beach body workouts) and we absolutely love it! If you are looking for a cost effective workout beach body isn't the cheapest but it works. We also started a clean eating routine, cutting out as much processed foods as we can, and so far we love it! We eat A LOT of veggies,chicken and salad. I have great recipes that I can share! I also have some great information on what to buy, what to eat and what is considered a complex card, good fats etc that I can pass along to you if you are interested. It's not always easy and we have our "cheat" meals and still drink alcohol ( only on weekends and only light beer) but the results are SOOOOO worth it! I wish you the best on your weight loss journey. Feel free to message me if you are every having a day were you need a little motivation or if you are interested in some "clean" recipes!

    All the Best,