Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do the work, See the results!

Truth be told with this little fitness tip I stumbled upon this morning! For so many years I have tried SO hard to lose weight. I'd watch my eating, maybe hit the gym. (notice how I said maybe?) All my life I have struggled with weight issues. As I look back, the only time that I was fit and healthy was when I played field hockey. I probably wasn't eating the best foods, but the amount of exercise I had totally made up for that. I'm talking every day from the first week of August until the season was finished in October/November. This not only included drills and playing time, but also AT LEAST a 3 mile run every day (rain, snow, slush, humidity....it didn't matter!)

As I progress on this journey, in baby steps of course, I have added both eating better AND exercise to the mix. Obviously, for me at least, just eating right doesn't work. Sure it might make for a healthier heart and low cholesterol (which are VERY important), but it's not going to get me any closer to MY goal of becoming that "high school fit".

It has been a little over a week now since I have started eating better and working out. Now obviously I have had my up and down days. I skipped a whole weekend with eating right and exercising, but I got better after that. It is all about moderation. I am pushing myself to do better, but it takes one step at a time to get where I need to be. Anyways, It has also been 5 days since I officially started Herbalife. The combination of Herbalife and eating healthy/clean and exercising has produced some AMAZING results for me.

I wanted to wait to weight in until Wednesday. Which would have been my official one week with Herbalife. Well, I guess I just couldn't wait!! So last night around 8:30, I weighed in and took my measurements. At first I was discouraged. I gained a pound!!! WHAT?!! all this work and I've gained?! After I thought about it, I realized that not only was it late at night, but I have also been drinking SO much water, that might have something to do with that! Plus, they always say muscle weighs more than fat, so who knows, maybe I'm gaining some muscle? On to the measurements. Well, I am pleased to announce that I lost 2 inches in my waist, and a 1/2 inch in my hips. I think I almost dropped to the floor when I saw that. A week, and me, I, Katie Love, lost 2 INCHES?!! WOW!  I couldn't even believe it. I was in shock. This was such a happy moment for me!!

Last night I went and bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred. I was told to buy this by a few people, saying that it was a really good workout. So I'm standing in Walmart looking at the DVD. Hmm...20 minute workout? Wow, I spend AT LEAST an hour in the gym...and this is all just a 20 minute work out?! Well, I pondered buying another DVD to do after I was done with Jillian, but decided that I have enough machines down in the basement to work out after the DVD.

I was so excited to bring it home and do the DVD. Popped the DVD in, started the work out. 20 minutes later, my whole prospective changed on Jillian Michaels. This bitch didn't even give me a water break!!! But during the video, she made a very valid point. "This workout IS NOT supposed to be easy." "We promised results, and you will get them, but you HAVE to follow the workout!" "There is no time to rest". Miss Jillian Michaels, your workout is FOR REAL! I can honestly say, I am SOOO sore today, but its not a bad kind of sore. It feels GOOD! During the workout, my legs were shaking, I was breathing hard, my heart rate was up, and I was sweating like I had been sitting in a sauna for 2 hours. And 20 minutes??? That workout felt like it was an hour long!!! It all comes down to this....I am 100% NOT complaining. I loved EVERY hard EARNED minute...and when I was finished...I finished on TOP. Seriously cannot wait to do it again tonight!!!

This journey of mine has not been easy or pleasant. It has been one of the HARDEST things I've ever had to do. But so far, it has been ALL worth it. And honestly, I have nothing buy love and thanks for every single one of you who read my blog and give me the support. Just a simple message really brightens my day and makes me more motivated that ever. Whether I have known you my whole life and we are close, if i just met you, if we don't talk much anymore...your support and kind messages have been amazing. So thank YOU all for helping me achieve my goals. I've got a long way to go, but This girl is NOT giving up :)

If anyone wants more information on Herbalife and MY PLAN or is interested, please let me know!!

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